RYT’s in the Good Vibe Tribe

Michael Giaimo (E-RYT 500 & YACEP) – Mike explored many avenues in life to try and gain more positive outlook, happiness, and even spiritual awareness. He gave yoga a try when training in mixed martial arts and it slowly but surely took over as his main practice, playing an enormous roll in giving him a more positive approach to life, spiritual awareness, as well as improving his health and well being. Mike wanted to pursue this as his service and share the practice with those searching for similar things. He left his previous career working under a title as a “VP in Sales/Marketing” to do that, but brings some of the useful experience he acquired in that world to Good Vibes being in charge of studio operations in addition to guiding some of the classes at the studio. In addition to Vinyasa yoga, mike has studied and taken courses on Bhakti Yoga, the Bhagavad Gita, and in 2021 Michael did 300 hour advanced training under Jason Crandell. With his original 200 training already completed in 2017, he currently holds 500 hour credentials.

Cristin Shea (RYT 200 & Yin) – Cristin grew up dancing which may have been what drew here to yoga in her college years. Although the “play of flexibility & strength” of the physical side got her to try it, the healing side she found kept bringing her back. She has over 100 teaching hours locally and although she will be mainly guiding us in hot vinyasa she’s also able to teach Yin Yoga and of course non hot vinyasa.

Jess Aluotto (RYT 200) Jess found her practice back in 2013 while facing adversity.  Through her practice she has found presence, gratitude, and compassion for herself and others. She decided to share her passion in 2017 when she became a certified yoga instructor. Coming together and sharing our energies, our strengths, and our struggles is something so beautiful and  sacred. She is honored to guide others to connect their mind, body, and spirit on and off their mat. She appreciates the accessibility of the practice and continues to remind everyone to show up as they are.

Dyana Bollander (RYT 200) – Dyana is a Nutley, NJ resident where she teaches at other schools in addition to Good Vibes Yoga. She is experienced in multiple types of Vinyasa and Restorative practices. She has a background and teaching experience in dance as well as is quite the fan of essential oils for self care and in home use. All of which sometimes plays a roll in her offering as a yoga teacher. The teaching role is very comfortable for Dyana as she is involved in it in many ways. When she’s not teaching she’s a mother of two cool boys. She has a warm & caring dynamic to her guidance but can bring the challenge when needed.

Alex Schultz (RYT 200) – Trying yoga to manage stress and anxiety of college life, Alex adopted techniques of asana sequences and breathing. She would venture to try different variances of yoga practices that all gave her lessons and methods that served her in every day life. The joy that the practice brought to her inspired her to go for her teacher certification. Alex holds many positive aspirations to serve as well as to spread the practice to as many friends as she can. Her practice is Power/Vinyasa inspired but she also has experience in guiding gentler or even beginner practices.

Ana Montoya (RYT 200) – Ana started practicing yoga in 2017. While it was something she overthought for a while before actually trying it, once she finally committed to beginning, she was hooked. Linking movement with breath and creating space to connect with herself brought Ana a sense of calm she’d never experienced before. She immediately realized what a difference it made in managing stress and anxiety, and how it completely benefited her overall health and well-being, both physical and mental. Since then, Ana has built a strong practice—one that has taught her just how much a little consistency can go a long way in changing one’s life. The desire to delve deeper into this catalyst is what led her to pursue her yoga teacher training here at Good Vibes Yoga. And now she’s thrilled to join this supportive community of teachers and students, where she has found the comfort and confidence to share the gift of practice with others.

Angela Salvacion (RYT 200) – The passion for connecting and helping people look and feel good, not only on the outside but the inside too, has stemmed from her full-time career as a hair artist. Yoga practice has been a part of her routine since her early 20s and it was introduced to her at the moment she needed it the most. The way that it continually helps her to heal and grow through connecting the mind, body and soul has inspired her to show and teach that to all humans. as she says “The true joy I feel for yoga and all the learnings that come with it is felt deep down in my soul and I am looking forward to the expansion of my yoga knowledge and practice.” She gravitated towards teaching vinyasa because “I love how the combo of movement and breath can bring your entire body and mind into sync”.

Melissa Vadasserril (RYT 200) – Melissa’s first yoga experience was hot yoga. Growing up doing ballet and having experienced countless ankle sprains and lower leg injuries, she knew she needed to change how she treated her body. So hot Vinyasa offered something challenging for her endurance that was low impact. After practicing for a while, and finding it beneficial, she started really exploring different forms of yoga and investing a lot of time and energy into her practice. She still loves hot yoga and faster paced vinyasa but has learned to listen to her body and take time to work yin and restorative as well. Gaining her 200 hour teaching credentials in 2020 she aims to offer a teaching style that is “inclusive” and applicable to many body types.

Genna Cimo (E-RYT 200 & RCYT) – Genna comes from a background in dance as well as cheer leading in her youth. She discovered yoga in high school and said it “has been her saving grace and best friend” since then. She holds the RYT 200 designation, triple certified trauma informed RCYT, and has teaching experience with first timers, children, and more active & rigorous vinyasa practices. You can expect that Genna’s classes will each have their own unique character. Her goal is to not only move you physically but spiritually.  Genna uses music as a way to lift and inspire during practice with diverse playlist that include anything from the blues, country, classic rock and more! Her passion for yoga and the way she teaches aims to have you feeling confident on your mat and in your heart.

Nyreen Seguinot (RYT 200) – Nyreen is a clinical dietitian and DONA trained birth doula. As a new mom finishing her undergrad, she began practicing yoga as a form of release and learned what it felt like to really breathe. As she says, it wasn’t until she stumbled upon Good Vibes that she really learned about yoga beyond asana, over time it became another form of worship. Having a passion for her practice and general well-being prompted her to partake in YTT in the summer of 2020 at Good Vibes. She hopes to share the love and gratitude she has garnered through her yoga practice, on and off the mat with those around her.

Renee Roman (RYT 200) – Renee has been practicing yoga since she was in high school. After time she felt it could be a beneficial healing modality so started participating at studios. The healing effects of yoga had always helped her but were put to the test several years later, after being rear ended in a car accident and getting a back injury, and that would get her even more involved in practicing. Eventually she pursued several movement modalities, like aerial yoga and trapeze, and would get certified to teach in that as well as receive her RYT200 certification in Hatha, Yin & Chair Yoga in 2019.

Caleigh Christ (RYT 200) – At the age of four, Caleigh was gifted her very first yoga mat, which brought so much joy into her childhood. As she got older, she practiced on and off, but it was not until training at Good Vibes did she begin to dive deep and expand her knowledge beyond her individual practice. She believes that community is an important part of life, and yoga is the perfect opportunity to gather joyfully with those around you. Yoga has been a positive influence on her physical and mental health. in 2022 she trained in the 200hour program offered by Good Vibes Yoga and received her Teaching certification. She is excited to be able to hold a space for students in her class to find strength and confidence on and off the mat.

Elise Warshavsky (RYT 200) – Elise has had 20+ years of practicing yoga before doing her 200-hour training. She practiced Hatha, Vinyasa, & modern Kundalini styles although has gravitated more towards Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra practices. Elise also has learned and practiced Thai Yoga Massage, before going to massage school here in NJ. As of 2022 Elise completed here 200hour training to be accredited as a RYT200 here at Good Vibes Yoga!


Sharon Ng (200-IntlRYTT by YAI) – Sharon describes her teaching style as empowering, athletic, welcoming, & connected. She says Yoga found her as it her life at a point in time when she truly needed it, and it helped open her eyes and changed her life forever. It’s been 12 years and Sharon hasn’t looked back since. She decided to peruse Yoga as her life work in 2012 and traveled around the world to study and actively practice “yoga.” She received her 200 hour teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga, in Florence, Italy and has received hundreds of hours of trainings in a wide range of yoga since. Sharon’s focus is on empowering every individual from all backgrounds to step into their most aligned, best self. Sharon loves all things movement, you can find her practicing yoga, running marathons, strength training or cycling. Movement is her passion and it heals her, keeping both her mind and body resilient, clear, and sharp. Sharon loves to continue learning and growing, always diving deeper into her own self-discovery, in turn, hoping to continue sharing that with others.


Ewa Palczewska (RYT-200) -Ewa’s journey with yoga began in 2017 as she says, “I stumbled upon this incredible practice that would soon become my passion, hobby, and a life-changing experience. As someone who deeply cares about helping others, she was drawn to yoga’s ability to positively impact people’s lives. Little did I know that it would also transform my own life in ways I never imagined. Yoga became my sanctuary, a space where I could find peace, and a renewed sense of self.”
In 2023, Ewa completed 200-hour teacher training and received the RYT200 certification here at Good Vibes Yoga. As she says “this certification not only solidified my commitment to sharing the benefits of yoga with others but also allowed me to deepen my understanding of the practice. Yoga has gifted me with an abundance of positive energy, and it is this energy that I am eager to share with others.”

Mihee Suh (RYT-200) –Mihee has been a licensed massage therapist in the U.S., and certified RYT 200 since 2023 getting certified at Good Vibes Yoga. She was born and raised in Japan. In 2002, she started began her yoga practice after being involved in a major car accident and suffering from Eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases (EGIDs). Her yoga practice helped her better understand what she could do to help her body feel more balanced and work more efficiently. One of her great motivations in life is finding ways to communicate and connect with others around her. She hopes her yoga class can serve as an opportunity for everyone to think, face and find themselves in their balance by sharing her experiences.

Apusha Paghdal (RYT-200) Apusha has been practicing postural yoga since 2013 and says it has transformed her physical and mental well-being. She shares this passion as a Vinyasa teacher at Good Vibes Yoga Bar, having completed her 200-hour training in June 2023 here at Good Vibes Yoga Bar.  She expanded her knowledge training to get a certification in Pranayama & Meditation in Nov 2023 through the Shivashakti School of Yoga and Healing Arts. She is currently, pursuing a teacher training certification for Yoga for Seniors. Despite a demanding full-time job, she finds balance through teaching and practicing Vinyasa yoga, a practice that she says nourishes her spirit. Outside the studio, she unwinds with travel and outdoor adventures.

Danielle Purciello (RYT 200) – Danielle has always been active. As an avid runner and soccer player, Yoga has always provided balance to the other physical modalities she was involved with. Since her first class in 2012 she was hooked and in 2014 she completed the 200-hour Yoga teacher training program with the former Garden State Yoga in Bloomfield under the guidance of Stacy Bell and other well-known experienced local teachers.  Danielle is not only a postural yoga teacher, but a public-school teacher during the day, so has comfort in the teaching seat.

Lauren Torres (RYT 200) -Lauren’s yoga journey began in 2016 when she discovered the transformative power of Hot Yoga, finding a perfect balance of physical challenge and inner peace. In 2019, she took her passion further by completing her Teacher Training at Good Vibes, which allowed her to deepen her understanding and connection to the practice. She believes in honoring each person’s unique journey on the mat, guiding them to embrace the present moment and explore the full potential of their practice. Outside of yoga, Lauren treasures spending time with her family, taking walks with her dog, and exploring different ways to move her body and stay active. Yoga has been an expansive journey for her; opening doors to presence, mindful breathing, and creating a meaningful connection with the yoga community.

Yoga Alliance Designation Guide

R.Y.T = Registered Yoga Teacher

E-R.Y.T = Experienced Yoga Teacher

R.C.Y.T = Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

Y.A.C.E.P =Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

R.P.Y.T = Registered Parental Yoga Teacher