The Studio Space

Yes, you can practice yoga anywhere really – those with continuous practice can find there space anywhere, and today, even those with no experience have access to many avenues to learn about the practice outside of the studio. Nevertheless there is a special element about learning and practicing with others and creating “union” via community as is done in a studio. This is often referred to as “Satsang” in the east. We wanted to create an environment where such a community as well as individual “union” can blossom most comfortably. We feel Good Vibes will provide the elements needed for such an environment of people coming together, take a break from egos and personal aesthetics, honoring & working on themselves, and have a great time doing it. Good Vibes space was designed with our practitioners comfort and convenience in mind, where one can truly get a balance of community as well as space where needed. We also kept nature & spiritual elements in mind in setting the mood or theme of each part of the studio. Our entrance/Kombucha bar area is open, illuminated, and has a pure vibrant setting where practitioners can have great conversation & replenish their bodies. Maybe here beginning to forget the stresses and anxieties we often carry with us from the outside. Once entering our practice area, “the zen den”, the mood becomes calm, quiet, and cool. Here is where the mind begins to silence and practitioners’ can begin to prepare before a practice or reestablish awareness after a practice. Amenities to clean, change, and refresh are present in this area, including private showers/change rooms, storage, and bathrooms. Then there’s our yoga room, or as we call it the “Satsang” room, where the vibe can always vary but where the colors vibrant to symbolize the light and “fire” that we recognize in each other when we say “Namaste”. We use Infrared heat for our hot classes. Mat cleaners, cork blocks (which we find to be sturdiest) and straps are available for practitioners to use in any practice. Meditation cushions, Blankets, & bolsters are provided in restorative, non-heated practices.

Infrared Heating

We use indoor infrared heaters in our studio, which unlike forced air or heat fans, provide a natural even feeling heat that is most comfortable to practice in. It heats objects, like your body, not the air and doesn’t blow particles and dust around like other heating mechanisms can. They do not emit UV rays like the sun, but they do provide the same comfortable, sun-like warmth. Thus a session under our infrared panels will provide a comfortable practice contributing towards the maximum level of performance while leaving you feeling cleansed and refreshed. It is also said that infrared heat plays an additional role in detoxification, pain relief, oxygenate organs, and possibly lower blood pressure. They allow us to keep more consistent control of our room temperature as well as are more efficient way of heating our space, hence better for the environment as well.

Studio Etiquette

  • ARRIVE BEFORE THE START TIME. You may not be able to participate in class once it has begun.
  • No Cell phones or electronics in our yoga room during the class times. Only teachers can bring their phones to manage music and keep time. Cell phones are not part of the practices offered and it is not appreciated when they go off in class.
  • Kindly check in at front desk before entering our yoga room.
  • Class space is limited. Cancel at least 90min in advance if you can’t make it. In certain circumstances a fee or class deduction may apply for late cancelations, no shows, or late arrival.
  • Reserving classes ahead is not required but recommended. There is a max capacity in classes and if there are no-sign ups by a certain time classes may be cancelled.
  • No shoes or sandals on the yoga floor. Remove them before entering the “Satsang room” or “yoga room” where we practice.  There is storage for belongings available in our facility.
  • Please leave our used wet towels from hot classes in the wicker baskets outside the yoga room after hot classes.
  • Reserve Cushions and blankets for restorative classes only. Yoga blocks and straps are available for all classes.
  • Respect general quiet in our yoga room at all times. Kindly speak softly when others are in the room before or after the classes.
  • If you do not wish to stay for Savasana (resting pose) towards the end of classes, kindly and quietly exit before with respect to others.
  • Please return blocks, straps, cleaners, & cosmetic amenities to where you found them. Used rented yoga mats can be left in the appropriate bin.
  • Dispose of garbage and recyclable materials in the appropriately labeled bins around the studio.
  • Kindly practice self-restraint in & around the studio. Blatant abuse, harassment, fighting, disruptive behavior, or damage to the studio space is not tolerated. Violators will be terminated without refunded and you will not be able to participate in the studio further.
  • Mats are available for Rent for $3. We also sell quality yoga mats.
  • Enjoy your time here! We’re happy you practice here!

Our Philosophy

Yes, Yoga is becoming quite trendy and as many become more open to the physical practices of yoga in the west more and more studios are coming in the scene. In some places it almost seems to be on every corner. It’s for sure a great time for those who enjoy the practice, but our particular motive in starting Good Vibes Yoga & Kombucha bar was not a product of popularity, trends, or money, we really believe in yoga! It was a realization of the community and benefits such a practice could provide for an individual and the idea of how rewarding giving those same benefits to others would feel. Instructor, Mike Giaimo for example, who’s life experience brought him to a place where he had difficult times realizing his capabilities, seeing the glass half full, started to lose purpose in his career in business, and even much of his faith. Through yoga and mindful exploration, he began to change his physical & mental perspective, in a way that he says, “allowed him really communicate with himself, strengthen faith, accept and work through life’s natural polarities and challenges, and choose slightly more wisely”. Yoga is an avenue that him and many have decided to take to work on themselves on many levels. It is not the purpose of yoga to forcefully change anyone, but if you’re looking to explore yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually yoga has the possibility to serve you well. We aim to provide a safe, mindful, clean, empowering, and functional community where you can take care of yourself in this way.