Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Releif w/ Camille Alonso

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Releif w/ Camille Alonso

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Restorative light Vinyasa incorporated with breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, essential oils, singing bowls, yoga nidra, journaling and mindfulness techniques. All will be offered to students throughout the class with guidance on applying them outside of class as well to assist with dealing with Anxiety and stress.


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Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mind & body practices that will help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. Camille will provide students with the tools they need to manage anxiety and stress, leading to a more peaceful and happy life. Join Camille as she guides guests through a restorative/vinyasa class that will include a balance of movement and rest, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing students to feel relaxed. Camille will bring in tools to help the students feel more relaxed and in the present moment. These tools can be used in
students daily life to help with stress and anxiety and to even prevent future anxiety or panic attacks. Breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, essential oils, singing bowls, yoga nidra, journaling and mindfulness techniques will be offered to students throughout the class which can all be applied outside of class as well.


$ 30.00 admission. Cancel/RSVP date of June 19th. No refunds for day of cancellations or late/no shows.


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