Inversion Workshop with Josh Ehlin

Inversion Workshop with Josh Ehlin

Price: $30.00

Two hour workshop with RYT Josh Ehlin focusing on learning preparation, technique, & confidence in practicing inverted yoga poses.

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We are honored to welcome Josh Ehlin to the studio for our first inversion workshop on Saturday June 8th, 2019 from 2:30-4:30pm. He will be leading you through the process that helps build a foundation for strong inversions. You will learn the basics to finding your way upside down as well as exercises to strengthen your inversion practice. Have fun exploring the journey to handstand, letting go of fears and understanding the fundamentals to standing on your hands. All levels welcome, from beginners to advanced students.

Admission is $ 30.00 per person and we request to reserve your spot before February 7th, 2019 as space is limited.
This is a NON HOT workshop.
Workshop starts promptly at 2:30pm. No Late Entry, and late arrivals are non refundable.


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