Intro to Kundalini with Tracy Hart

Intro to Kundalini with Tracy Hart

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Join Tracy Heart on Saturday October 26th, 2019 from 2-4pm as she leads us on a workshop introducing us to the practice of Kundalini Yoga, involving spinal movements, asana, breathwork, & chanting mantra.


Never heard of kundalini yoga? Know a bit about kundalini, but want to learn more? Whether kundalini is a completely foreign term to you or if you have heard about it and want to learn more, this workshop is an excellent starting point for your journey.

In this workshop you will get the basics of kundalini yoga – the history, philosophy, and the fundamentals of the practice. Kundalini yoga is a technology that tunes up the whole body. It strengthens the nervous system, purifies the blood, and balances the glandular system. It powers up the navel center and strengthens the entire body while increasing flexibility. The exercises in kundalini yoga can charge up your metabolism to help with weight loss as it conditions your heart and builds up your lung capacity.

During this two hour session, we will practice breathing exercises, a kriya (set of exercises with specific benefits), deep relaxation, and meditation.

Experience a relaxing sound bath during your long savasana as you allow your energy to align and your body to incorporate all the benefits of the practice.

Beginners are welcome as each piece of the practice can be modified to fit your body so that you get the benefits of the practice while building strength at your comfort level.

The “Kundalini”, also referred to as the “serpent” or “primal Spiritual” energy is said to be in every human and rests at the bottom of the spine. Techniques developed to raise that energy up the spine, through the chakra channels, and uniting Feminine (or “Shakti”) energy with the masculine (or “Shiva”). Upon union of these energies, up into the crown chakra, it is said one is to gain an enraptured  union with the divine.

Reference of the “Kundalini” energy has roots back to the teachings of the Upanishads from around 600 years BCE and has evolved into the practice of “Kundalini Yoga” which encompasses several yoga techniques. Kundalini is also often acknowledged by practitioners of the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi, as they have their own techniques to raise such “Primal Energy”.  Kundalini is a great compliment to other yoga techniques, including Vinyasa.

Kundalini Yoga, as a specific practice involves asana (poses), Pranayama (dynamic breathing), Mantra (chanting), & meditation to move the kundalini up the spine. It is called the “Yoga of Awareness” as this powerful practice does increase awareness as energy uncoils and moves up. The practice has different themes (or Kriya) to focus on. It is often said Kundalini practice can release very joyful and euphoric states for one to experience.


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