Merchandise: Good Vibes Organic Bamboo Tank

Merchandise: Good Vibes Organic Bamboo Tank

Price: $24.00

Organic, Sustainable, Comfortable, & Fun!



Our Organic Bamboo Tanks are made in the USA from sustainable sourcedĀ Viscose Bamboo (70%)Ā  and Organic Cotton (30%). They wash very nice and are comfortable to wear especially in hot conditions whether at rest or in a physical activity. Back has image of the “Apana” Mudra, one of several hand positions one could use during a yoga or meditation practice. This particular mudra is said to deal with purification. In the physical body it says this hand position works in supporting all the organs dealing with elimination such as , small and large intestine, kidneys, urinary system and reproductive systems. It also looks like a hand gesture sign some use at rock concerts. So since we believe people who honor their bodies in yoga, no matter where they are at in thatĀ  process, are “yoga rockstars” thus a nice, fun, shirt to honor all who honor us in practicing.


Currently available in Women’s small, medium, large, and extra large or Men’s Medium, Large & Extra Large.


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